Our upholstery cleaning technicians will not only clean the upholstery in the main part of your home, they will also clean your mattresses. Mattresses like chairs and sofas are subject to accumulating dust, stains, hair and body oil and odors and even dead skin cells. In addition, some mattresses are subject to accidents by children and pets. In addition, experts state that dirty mattresses can affect the air quality of your bedroom, which can cause health problems for people with respiratory problems and small children.


Periodically having your mattresses and box springs cleaned two or three times a year will help to improve your bedroom’s air quality and result in a more comfortable night’s rest.Our state of the art steam cleaners and organic cleaning products can remove all the pollutants that have worked their way into your mattresses while at the same time killing germs and bacteria. Our green cleaners are great at removing stains and odors without leaving behind any chemical odor or residue.


We do everything we can to make upholstery cleaning as convenient for you as possible by keeping extended hours from 8 to 8 and providing same day services. We also offer free consultation and estimates to help you decide if you our services are right for you.

The process we use for mattress cleaning starts out with a solution that gets rid of the bacteria. It also loosens up the dirt particles that are in your mattresses. We have a high powered vacuum too that will trap 99.97% of what it picked up. The next step is to sterilize your mattress with a powerful disinfectant.

A spray that will continue to kill bacteria and that also contains insect repellent will then be applied. I don’t think that there is a service provider out there that goes to the same efforts that we do. We want to make sure you get rid of dust mites while keeping your home free of any harsh chemicals. Call us today to see what we can do to help you get a better night of sleep.

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